Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Support to the Green Investment Sector

New as well as existing venture capital funds across the world are providing the much needed support to the green investment sector. Recently, the Rutherford Innovation Fund announced an investment of 50 million dollars towards the clean energy sector. At present, business organizations, financial institutions and individuals are also riding the wave of the trend in green and clean technology. This time is being considered best for putting money in a sector that will not only bring great returns but also make a difference to the society and environment.

The clean technology sector includes clean water, bio-fuels, green buildings, CO2 reduction, smart grids, transportation, wind power and solar energy. The Rutherford fund is one of a number that was launched this year for providing funds to early stage technology companies. Another such fund is 2Ignite, established by Henry Tait, scion of the Todd family for raising approximately 25 million dollars high net worth investors and investment institutions to fund 12 companies. Earlier this year, over 20 million dollars were offered to Endeavour Capital from the government. This amount was a much required boost for the growth fund and it hopes to add 100-150 million dollars more from New Zealand investors in the near future.

Besides solar power and bio-fuels, investors are also looking into diverse areas for investments. The fact that venture capitalists across the world are investing their money towards green technology, there are chances this new trend will bring about significant changes to the environment and communities.

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