Monday, September 7, 2009

Directing Sustainable Finance to the Water Sector

How can sustained investment in the water sector help Asia pacific countries accelerate their growth rates? This was the first question that popped in my mind when I came across this news piece which talked about government efforts in Asia Pacific regions to direct sustainable finance towards developing their water infrastructure.

The president of Asian Development Bank is of view that escalating and sustaining finance to the investment in fuel infrastructure can be the key to sustainable development. I was also amazed to learn that in case ethical investing in this sector remains stagnant, these countries will have to compromise on food security and energy. This in turn will lead to slow levels of economy growth and poverty eradication. Investments made by private sectors can help generate the required funding for water sector infrastructure.

Did you know that approximately 635 million people in the Asia Pacific didn’t have safe drinking water access in 2004? Currently, over 1.86 billion populace doesn’t enjoy proper sanitation. At the same time, rise in population, urbanization and economic growth has led to more shortage of water along with serious issues like climate change and pollution. No wonder the government is encouraging sustained investment of more than 2 billion dollars on urban and rural water services, annually. With such efforts of ethical investing, over 96 million people will have access to sanitation and safe drinking water.

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