Friday, September 18, 2009

UK’s £5 Million Support for Social Investment

With a whopping investment of 5 million pounds, the UK government seems prepared to fill the chasm prevailing in the social investment market. This investment is being predicted to give the social investment sector the required boost for growth in the coming years. The government will also be launching the first Social Investment Almanack of UK along with three Social Return on Investment reports.

Taking the growing demand for ethical products into consideration, the present economic scenario is being touted as an ideal time for making social investments. Experts believe that this market will be offering several opportunities as the investors are trying to strike a balance between social causes and financial benefits. Investment of 5 million pounds is being done in the Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund in the wake to unlock the mainstream capital. This investment is being predicted to be matched by several institutions, individuals and foundations. This capital will help social enterprises to grow thereby contributing to the welfare of the community on the local as well as national level.

At present, the private sector is trying to tap new opportunities and the third sector is in search for capital. In short, the time is ripe for implementation of such government efforts and investments that will bring long term social environmental and economic gains.

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